EuroGeoSurveys Newsletter has become an online interactive platform EGS NEWS where also Minerals4EU news have been published. Go to the Minerals4EU news.

Previously Minerals4EU news were also published in the Minerals4EU Corner of the EuroGeoSurveys Newsletter.

October 2014 Issue 16 (Pdf 5.2 Mb)
Progress in Knowledge Management Work Package
Interview with Mr. David Ovadia, Exploitation Manager of Minerals4EU
Interview with Mr. Nikolaos Arvanitidis, Scientific Coordinator of Minerals4EU

July 2014 Issue 15 (Pdf 5.2 Mb)
Progress in the Mineral Intelligence Network Work Package

April 2014 Issue 14 (Pdf 6,2 Mb)
Progress in the Mineral Statistics and the Foresight Study Work Packages

January 2014 Issue 13 (Pdf 4,8 Mb)
Interview with Mr. Germán Esteban Muñiz (Industrial Technologies, EC, DG RTD), Project Scientific Officier of Minerals4EU
Interview with Mr. Juha Kaija, Project Manager of Minerals4EU