Work Package 4: Mineral statistics

A central part of any “Mineral Intelligence Network” is the ‘intelligence’, in other words the quality controlled data and information derived from that data. This work package is focussed on improving the mineral statistical data for Europe and aims to develop a European Minerals Yearbook which will summarise key information on a country scale.

An initial preparation phase will focus on enhancing the existing data gathering network of organisations and identify additional datasets across the countries of Europe. This phase will define the commodities and countries to be included in the Yearbook and begin the process of harmonising the terminology used.

A subsequent phase which will attempt to gather all the statistical datasets identified during the first phase. Existing datasets relating to mineral production and trade will be enhanced. New datasets for exploration activity, resources and reserves and secondary raw materials will be developed. As data are received, an initial assessment will be conducted, which will consider data quality, requirements for harmonisation, and identify key data and knowledge gaps.

Finally, the structure of a digital Yearbook will be defined and populated with data, or with summary text where data are not available. Recommendations will be made to support future updates of the different sections of the Yearbook.

Improvements in data collection, harmonisation and availability will provide robust, high quality datasets. These will provide a foundation for better analysis and interpretation enabling more informed decisions and policies for Europe.

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