Work Package 3: Knowledge management

The purpose of WP3 “Knowledge Management” is to apply a communication strategy for Minerals4EU that allows to disseminate information widely in a comprehensive, systematic, objective and professional way, to ensure a maximum impact of the project during its life-span and sustainable benefits to its stakeholders after the end of the project. WP3 will ensure that all interested stakeholders are reached, and properly, correctly and regularly informed and kept updated.

Target stakeholders and in turn potential end-users for the Mineral4EU project deliverables will be identified during the planning of communication and the dissemination strategy as well as during the exploitation management task. A special focus on three major audiences will be addressed:

• experts/professionals from the industry sector or their representative association, as well as the research and innovation institutes, that are involved in a Sustainable Consumption and Production approach following a circular economy from the natural resources, design, manufacturing, distribution, use, collection and reuse, recycling and recovery.

• environmental organisations/professionals regarding the existing initiatives on good practices on raw materials sustainability and resource efficiency. Special attention will be given to clarifying the production, transformation and recycling routes followed by ‘Raw Materials’ during their lifespan. The alternatives for specific raw materials in terms of natural occurrences, needs, toxicity, hazard and risk will be present in parallel with the relevant regulations.

• social and labour bodies will be informed on the existing work practices for the production/transformation of raw materials by the different main producers.
A fundamental objective of WP3 consists in publishing and communicating about progress or important results related to the project, including in the media, through the website, press releases, participation in local and international conferences worldwide, articles, etc. Exploitation of the results will be optimised by the involvement of the EuroGeoSurveys network, which brings together the Geological Surveys from 25 European countries.