Work Package 1: Project Management

Management objectives within Minerals4EU are:
• To coordinate the scientific and technical activities of the project at the consortium level;
• To ensure the smooth day to day running of the project
• To provide timely and efficient financial and administrative co-ordination of the project;
• To provide decision making, quality control and conflict resolution mechanisms to support the project’s consortium and its evolution;
• To facilitate exchange of information in between partners;
• To support implementation of changes in the activities and in the consortium;
• Preparation – submission of the activity and management reports;
• Liaison with the European Commission;
• Maintain, update and revise contingency plans and risk management strategies in accordance to the progress of the project;
• Coordinate the timely attainment of the project’s objectives and milestones review
• Arrange semi-annual progress meetings
• To promote gender equality in the project

The organisational structure of the Consortium comprises the following Consortium Bodies:

The key body of the Project is the Coordinator (GTK) as the only legal entity acting as the intermediary between the Parties and the European Commission.

General Assembly is composed of one representative of each Party and it is the ultimate decision-making and conciliation body of the Consortium. The Technical Coordinator shall chair all meetings of the General Assembly, unless decided otherwise by the Members.

Management Committee is the supervisory body for the execution of the Project. It shall report to and be accountable to the General Assembly. The Management Committee shall consist of the Technical Coordinator (as chairman or his deputy), Scientific Coordinator and all of the WP Leaders. Additionally the Management Committee includes a representative of SELOR, a key partner in WP2.

The WP team consists of one representative of each partner working in the WP, and is chaired by the WP Leader.

The Project Support Team consists of the Technical Coordinator i.e. GTK Project Manager, who is also WP1 Leader, and GTK´s highly qualified and experienced legal and financial managers. Support Team assists General Assembly (i.e. all partners) and Management Committee in providing legal and financial services for the administration of the Project.

The role of the Exploitation Manager is to support the Consortium in the developing of the strategy for exploitation of foreground created. Exploitation Manager is responsible for compiling A Plan for Use and Exploitation of Foreground. It will be developed and updated as the project progresses, and this should be a key deliverable.

Industrial Consultation Committee is an expert board (5-7 members) to strengthen the connection of the project with the European Industry and society. It will be consulted regularly by the Management Committee, in order to steer the project towards the actual needs of the European industry and society and to help in cultivating the appropriate climate needed in the European market for the dissemination and exploitation of the Minerals4EU results.

Management structure of Minerals4EU